Be Creative. Be Active.

Why CreativePOP?

Low student-to-tutor ratio

Students interact intensively with their classmates and instructors and form meaningful, lasting relationships.

Play and activity-based learning

Our students experiment, have fun, take initiative and are active participants in their own learning journey.

Passionate and excited tutors

Our tutors are college students and recent grads from diverse backgrounds who can enrich students' creative experiences and act as their role models.

Student-centered curriculum

We prioritize students' self-expression, independence of thought, sharing and gaining of confidence in their own ideas.

We Ensure Continuous Growth

We recognize the importance for students to develop interpersonal skills during the critical age period of 6 to 12. CreativePOP is designed to meet this need!

Creating dances. Writing scripts for playacts. The ways for students to collaborate with their tutors and/or other students in their POPSessions to participate in the creative arts are endless!

Students will also be able to practice listening and speaking skills while collaborating with others to create products and participate in activities!

CreativePOP is not only a space for students to learn, but also to create genuine relationships with their tutors and fellow students during this stage of life.

How Our Online Classes Work

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Click on the "Login" menu and then click "Register" to create your account. Then, head over to our "Book a Class" page to look through our class schedules!

Note: Each lesson cycle is 6 consecutive weeks. Registration for the upcoming lesson cycle opens a week before the cycle begins. Registration for the next cycle begins immediately after lessons end.

Submit your booking and wait for confirmation!

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Once we process your registration, you will receive a confirmation email and a WhatsApp message with payment details. Please send your proof of transfer within 24 hours of our message to secure your spot!

Meet your tutor!

Tutors will reach out to parents prior to the first session of the program. After introducing themselves and confirming class details, tutors will also provide a complete list of all preparation needed for the entire lesson cycle. Parents may also discuss any questions they may have.

Enjoy your POPSessions!

Get on a video call with your tutor and up to four other classmates and start creativepoppin'!